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Why Did I Start This?

I guess I have a little time on my hands today.
I might have a lot more than I want coming up. It looks like every time I think the economy is going to pick up a little that damn bunch in Washington does something else.
Here it is starting to warm up some. Crabs should start to crawl and people from Northern Virginia should be traveling down to the Northern Neck and be looking at some of this great real estate.
But does does Congress do? Force a Frigging Healthcare package down our throats. I should say up our ***.
I don’t know about you  but I think it is time for everyone of them to be run out out of town. The sooner the better.
Well let me get doing some work and save this for another day. If you want to bitch with me about the elite in Washington come on down and look at some Northern Neck Real Estate with me. We’ll have a good time.

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