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Unbelievable Price on Luxury Waterfront Property

DSCN0609This luxury waterfront home is available now at a very low price.  It is a one-time offer.  The home was appraised at $730,000.  The MLS price is just below $650,000.  You can buy this  home, which has everything in it and around it for $595,000.  To receive this price, you must work through our realtor, Ken Smith of Joe Self Realty (His phone number is 804-366-2325).  This price is not available on the MLS.  It is only through using Ken Smith that you can get this special offer.  You can see seven of our other posts on this blog site (beginning with 3/8/14) to view extensive photos and read elaborate descriptions of this luxury home on the water in the Northern Neck. This is not a “fix-it-up” house.  It is in almost new condition. Included with the home is all window treatments and appliances, several thousand dollars worth of exercise equipment, and various furnishings, shelves and workbenches.  Don’t let this one slip  by.  Call Ken today.

Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

Ken Smith 804-366-2325
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