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Searching for Northern Neck Waterfront property

Northern Neck Waterfront Property Searching, You are the Captain!

For anyone who has never participated in a serious house-hunting effort, their mental image of how the experience will unfold may be a little off. They might imagine that, after narrowing down their requirements for a Northern Neck waterfront home home (size, price range, and the like) they will agree on a day and time, then just climb into their Northern Neck Buyer agent’s car and settle back to have the likely prospect properties exposed before them.

In fact, the house-hunting procedure is almost like that, except for one major detail:

A property search is a participation sport!

Experienced Northern Neck property searchers have learned to husband their energy on any day that includes home showings. Especially when their property search doesn’t immediately yield a find that fits their target criteria, they know that it may take a while—and more than a few house-hunting outings—before they identify a suitable house.

What takes so much energy? Sophisticated home buyers know that every showing holds the possibility that they could be setting foot in what might just become their future home. Every showing is literally the only time they will ever have a valid ‘first impression’ of the place that might become a major purchase. And each of those first impressions often come as part of a day that includes multiple showings—one that can easily result in a jumble of impressions, where homes with similar features are easily confused in memory. Since second and subsequent showings should be reserved for properties that qualify as serious contenders, wasted time and effort (not to mention inconvenience to the homeowners) can be avoided by alert, sharp-eyed property searchers. It takes stamina!

But that stress can dramatically reduced by searching for Northern Neck Real Estate before you ever meet your Northern Neck Buyer’s Agent.

That’s why more experienced prospects know from the outset that a home showing isn’t a passive experience. It’s not a bad idea to have a pen handy for jotting notes on the listing sheets the Northern Neck real agent provides—notes about distinguishing features (good and bad!) that will help with comparisons at the end of the day.

For those who are veterans of previous Northern Neck waterfront property searches, this is old news: they remember reviewing sessions that include, “No – that was the one with the pier and boat lift, not the one with the expansive views.” For first-timers, it’s good to know in advance: a waterfront property search is a participation sport. And you’re the team captain!

If you are about to embark on the search for a Northern Neck property, or have one that’s soon to be listed, do give me a call. Properly arranging efficient waterfront home tours is only

Northern Neck Waterfront Homes offer advantages

For Some Northern Virginia Residents, Incentives Point to Vacation waterfront Homes

To a non Northern Neck property homeowner with sufficient wherewithal, there are some practical, real life incentives for moving the idea from daydream to the ‘to do’ list. The primary motivation is what comes first to mind. Just as a waterfront property is a welcome respite from the day-to-day, a waterfront home needs to qualify as a destination that is pleasurable in itself. Where that could be differs for everyone, but whether it be the beach, in a protective cove, or scenic creek , any Northern Neck waterfront home should be a haven inherently suited to relieving the stress of the workaday world. Although it would seem to be properly classified as a pure luxury expense, waterfront homes can be more financially sensible than that.

The Kiplinger web site has a number of observations for vacation home buyers. It finds that some mortgage interest rates on second homes have lowered to first-home rates. Another alternative is the “favorite source” for all-cash purchases: a home equity line of credit. According to Kiplinger, “Mortgage interest on a second home is deductible on as much a $1 million in principal for both homes combined.” If lenders calculate eligibility via the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, a borrower’s total debt payments should not exceed 36% of gross income…but if the second home is to be rented, that income can be part of the calculation.

Which brings up some other possibilities. A Northern Neck waterfront home can not only cut down on vacation expenses (hotel and restaurant prices are rising, after all); if rented out some of the time, it can contribute offsets to its cost. To take advantage of IRS rules regarding personal versus rental classification, you should consult a tax expert. Since a quarter of vacation homes are rented out at least some of the year, it’s a tactic that deserves investigation.

Perhaps the advantage that’s talked about most for second home buyers is the contribution it can make toward retirement. If a retiree ultimately converts a vacation home to principal residence, profits from the former home can make a handsome contribution to the retirement nest egg. And if by retirement time that vacation home has been paid for in whole, it can make for an even more pleasing financial picture.

For an area resident with sufficient resources, purchasing a vacation home can be a practical as well as emotionally sustaining venture. If it sounds like an idea worth investigating further, talk it over with your financial advisor—and I’ll be standing by to help with any and all real estate considerations!

Northern Neck Waterfront Lot

Have you been searching for a waterfront home but can’t find the right home or the waterfront lot does not fit your needs?

This newly listed 2 acre waterfront lot might might be your answer. Centrally located between Kilmarnock and Reedville with deep protected water and moments from the bay Cranes Creek Harbor is one of the Northern Neck’s premier developments.

As you drive into Cranes Creek Harbor you view out of the creek through the Great Wicomico River and into the Chesapeake Bay. On the left side are waterfront homes and lots that were developed from the land that was once farmed. On the right side many of the lots are wooded and those homes are privately hidden among the hardwoods and hollies. This lot is one of those that is wooded with over 460 feet of shoreline and the house can be situated so that the main view looks down the creek with other views looking across the creek.

earch for Northern Neck Real Estate.

577 Waterfront Homes are listed in the Northern Neck MLS

Today there are 386 waterfront homes in Northumberland and Lancaster Counties. 102 of those homes have been on the market for over a year.

When fooling around looking at those homes I thought I’d filter it more and limited those 102 to the Kilmarnock, Irvington, Weems, and White Stone areas because those areas are closest to shopping, golf, and the hospital.

42 properties that have been on the market for over 1 year returned. I chose  these 19 for you to view.

I didn’t include any that are over a million with the exception of 1 and there really wasn’t any method in choosing the other 18 other than various reasons I had. I do believe that all of them can be bought below the current asking price.

I know the market has picked up in the Northern Virginia area so a property staying on the market for over a year is something you might not be use to seeing but as I’ve said and keep repeating, “It is a Buyer’s Market here in the Northern Neck.” Prices are below pre-boom and the interest rate is much lower than then too.

Actually where are 557 waterfront properties listed in the Northern Neck MLS. I just picked Northumberland and Lancaster Counties since they seem to be the area most of my clients are interested in.

Anytime you go to my website you can search for Northern Neck Real Estate.

Northern Neck Waterfront Homes Sales November 2013

In the first 2 weeks of November 10 waterfront homes closed in Northumberland and Lancaster Counties.

During the same time period 11 new waterfront homes were listed in those 2 counties.

This might lead you to believe that demand has caught up with supply but this isn’t true. It is still a buyer’s market here in the Northern Neck. Inventory of waterfront homes is higher than the demand which is great if you are buying.

My thoughts are that sellers are really anxious this time of year if their house is still on the market. Usually their expectations are low about the winter market and their thoughts are what will they have to do when spring comes. I personally think this is a great time to make an offer on a property as sellers are usually negotiable.

Take a look at the Northern Neck MLS and you might just be able to get more home at a better price than you imagined if you just make an offer.

Northern Neck MLS

When searching for property in the Northern Neck you can use this website to find all Northern Neck Real Estate by using the tool that Northern Neck Realtors use, the Northern Neck MLS.

You will be able to search for Northern Neck waterfront homes, Northern Neck waterfront property, and all other properties in the Northern Neck.

After searching for Northern Neck Properties you will want to save your search. By doing this you will receive emails in the future when Northern Neck properties that met you criteria go into the Northern Neck MLS.

Start your search today and when you find that property that is right for you then call Ken Smith, a Northern Neck Buyer’s Agent, (804)366-2325.

Northern Neck Waterfront Home at a Great Price

I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me. Carter’s Creek is a great creek. I love to sell property on Carter’s Creek. It has

Northern Neck Waterfront Home

Waterside Elevation

deep sailboat depth water. The villages of Irvington and Weems sit along its shores. Those residents also live close to Kilmarnock, which is by far the best town in the Northern Neck for shopping. Sorry Warsaw, Montross, Callao, Reedville, and even you Lottsburg who can boast of the best hardware store but what else.

So what are you getting at Ken? THE PRICE! Property on Carter’s Creek is by far the most expensive in the Northern Neck.

This home that is listed at $669,000 would easily be listed at over a million if the zip code were 22480.

This property has deep sailboat depth, is just as close to open water, and closer to the Chesapeake Bay. Best of all it is 100’s of thousand dollars cheaper. [More details…]

Northern Neck Waterfront Showplace

I just listed a great property. You can see all the details of this Northern Neck Showplace.

When opening the link please don’t confuse the opening slideshow with the link, 1246 The Movie. They are 2 separate pages.

But then you can just click on the play button below to see to see the movie. Please share post, above link, and video. I know there is a buyer for this waterfront home in the Northern Neck and this one is priced right.

Where else can you find a quality home with this amount of square footage on deep water for $669k?

Northern Neck Real Estate Waterfront Specialist, Ken Smith presents another quality home on sailboat depth water. You can search for Northern Neck Real Estate on his website,

Luxury Northern Neck waterfront homes

Luxary Northern Neck Real Estate

Luxurious Living

I really expect to see sales pick up again this year for real estate in the Northern Neck.

It is still a Buyer’s Market and in all price ranges there are deals to be made. If you are looking for a waterfront cottage then you’ll be able to find one at a remarkable lower price than you would have several years ago.

This is true for all waterfront homes but there is nothing that can compare to the drop in luxury Northern Neck waterfront homes.

4,000 to 6,000 square foot waterfront homes with expansive views, fabulous kitchens, rooms with detail and built-ins are being sold for just over a million. While that is above my price and most of my clients I know that there is no way these homes can be built for what their market value is today.

The luxury Northern Neck waterfront market is an exceptional value for those discriminating buyers that demand the best.

If you are one of those buyers, I would love to have the opportunity to represent you as your Buyer’s Agent.

Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

Ken Smith 804-366-2325