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Snow coming to the Northern Neck

I can’t believe it. Just a few weeks ago I was in Florida and complaining about how cold it was.

It was cold for Florida but nothing like here and now we are looking for a big snow storm.

While I was in Florida people were calling and wanting to see property. I flew back one time and actually sold a house but I persuaded the others to wait until I returned and was looking for a lot of showings in February. Well we haven’t had a decent weekend this month so I haven’t done much.

The snow is suppose to start around 5pm and we are suppose to get a fair amount. I don’t think it is going to stay around long as the temperatures are going to be in the 40’s Thursday and warm up through the weekend. They say by Tuesday the temperature will be around 60. BRING IT ON!

If you have cabin fever I don’t think you will have to suffer much longer. Spring is getting closer and the daffodils will soon be popping out of the ground. So start getting ready now by searching for Northern Neck Real Estate and when it warms up we’ll be ready to find your place in “God’s Country”.

Stay warm and keep in touch,

Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

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