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Northern Neck Realtor is glad he is not a crop duster

I ran into town for a minute yesterday and when I turned to come into our development a plane drops out of the sky. If you’ve never seen a crop duster spray a field it is like going to an airshow. The pilot drops down just missing the top of the trees, gets just a few feet over the crops, and then at the last second pulls up to miss the power lines along the highway.

It really is something to watch and it makes me appreciate that I have a job selling real estate and not dodging trees and electrical lines.

I love the Northern Neck. We might not have shopping centers and tons of people but we do have a quality of life that I think few ever see or have the time to experience. Things like seeing the corn in this picture when the seeds sprout as the corn pops out of the ground and now it is taller than I am.

Everybody loves a sunset but something I enjoy the most is watching the sun rise here along the water. It looks like the sun actually comes out of the water and as it does the world around you starts to wake up. It really is a time when you have no doubt there is a Creator.

Take a moment and search the Northern Neck MLS. When you find something you like give me a call and I’ll make arrangements for you to see it.

You probably won’t see a crop duster on your visit but I think you’ll see why I’m proud to call the Northern Neck home.

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