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Lottsburg, VA 22511 Real Estate- Northern Neck

Lottsburg is a Northumberland County town that might seem small but when you start going down the side roads you will stop or go overboard. All roads lead to the water with some of the best boating and fishing that can be found.

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The Northern Neck town of Lottsburg in Northumberland County is a
county located on the Northern Neck in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a
state in the United States. In 2010, its population was 12,330[1]. Its
county seat is Heathsville[2]. The county is located on the Northern
Neck peninsula and is part of the Northern Neck George Washington
Birthplace AVA winemaking appellation.
The county was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1648 during a
period of rapid population growth and geographic expansion. Settlement
began in this area of the Northern Neck around 1635. Originally known as
the Indian district Chickacoan, the first appearance of the name
Northumberland in the colonial records was in 1644. The following year,
John Mottrom served as the first burgess for the territory in the House
of Burgesses, which met at the capital of the Virginia Colony at

The size of the county was drastically reduced in 1651 and 1653 as
Lancaster County and Westmoreland County, respectively, were carved out
of it.

Of the 172 counties that have ever existed in Virginia’s history,
Northumberland ended up being an “ancestor” of 116 of these –– more than
the current 95 counties (several having been lost to other states)
The county is governed by a Board of Supervisors, who are elected every
four years from each of the five districts. The Northern Neck town of
Lottsburg has a supervisor.

There is no police department in the county. Instead, law enforcement is
the responsibility of the county Sheriff, who is a constitutional
officer elected every four years. The Northumberland County Sheriff’s
Office is located in Heathsville. The Northern Neck town of Lottsburg
helpds elect the sheriff.

Northumberland County has two courthouses; an antebellum building
constructed before the Civil War and a new building constructed in the
late 1990s behind the older structure. The county courts (Circuit Court,
General District Court, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District
Court) and the Clerk of the Circuit Court, a constitutional officer, are
located in the new building. The Commissioner of Revenue and the
Treasurer, both constitutional officers, have offices in the older

Northumberland County is one of the few counties left in Virginia that
has all volunteer emergency services. The Northern Neck town of
Lottsburg has no emeregency buildings but The Northern Neck town of
Lottsburg residents do voluteer for these services. The county is served
by two fire departments, Callao Volunteer Fire Department in Callao and
Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department in Reedville. There are 3 rescue
squads that serve the county, Callao Volunteer Rescue Squad in Callao,
Mid-County Volunteer Rescue Squad in Heathsville and, Northumberland
County Rescue Squad in Reedville. The county also has a water rescue
service, Smith Point Sea Rescue.

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