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Government Spending

Northern Neck Realtor Rants

I was on the beach today and noticed this pelican. Sorry the picture is so bad but I was trying to get close and wanted to catch what was on the bottom of his leg.

pelicanLook real good at the bottom of the picture. Is that a band on his leg?

Now I know pigeons sometimes have bands. But they are homing pigeons and it is done by individuals that race them.

Well I’ve never heard of a “Homing Pelican” so I’m assuming that this bird has been tagged by some governmental agency for some type of Study!!

Come on is this another study like the $175,587 ”to determine if cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in sexually risky behavior”.

Or maybe like $19 million “to examine methane gas emissions from cows”. The farmers really came ahead with ethanol. How methane gas emissions from cows. Did the study determine if a cow could fart with enough pressure to fill a propane tank.

They’ve wasted money on:

  • $1.2 million to study the breeding habits of the woodchuck.
  • $1 million to study why people don’t ride bikes to work.
  • $144,000 to see if pigeons follow human economic laws.
  • $160,000 to study if you can hex an opponent by drawing an X on his chest.
  • $100,000 to study how to avoid falling spacecraft.
  • $57,000 spent by the Executive Branch for gold-embossed playing cards on Air Force Two.

Air Force Two! Isn’t that Biden’s ride. I thought the only game that idiot could play was 52 card pickup. He needs gold-embossed cards for that! Give me a break.

Or what about the $1 million to preserve a sewer in Trenton, NJ, as a historic monument. Historic Monument! Now that is some bull***t.

Well if they are doing a study on pelicans then we have them in the Northern Neck. Send half that money to me because I can tell you that they live around the water and eat fish.

See I’m not as dumb as you thought and I’m not a bad realtor either

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