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Unbelievable Price on Luxury Waterfront Property

DSCN0609This luxury waterfront home is available now at a very low price.  It is a one-time offer.  The home was appraised at $730,000.  The MLS price is just below $650,000.  You can buy this  home, which has everything in it and around it for $595,000.  To receive this price, you must work through our realtor, Ken Smith of Joe Self Realty (His phone number is 804-366-2325).  This price is not available on the MLS.  It is only through using Ken Smith that you can get this special offer.  You can see seven of our other posts on this blog site (beginning with 3/8/14) to view extensive photos and read elaborate descriptions of this luxury home on the water in the Northern Neck. This is not a “fix-it-up” house.  It is in almost new condition. Included with the home is all window treatments and appliances, several thousand dollars worth of exercise equipment, and various furnishings, shelves and workbenches.  Don’t let this one slip  by.  Call Ken today.

Northern Neck Waterfront Paradise

20140222_145939Construction was completed on this extraordinary home on June 1, 2000.  We redesigned a plan from a home design book (with our home site in mind) on Hull Creek, near Heathsville, VA.  We subcontracted most of the work, while doing some interior work ourselves.  We chose the orientation of the house to ensure maximum views of the four bodies of water surrounding the nearly two-acre rectangular lot: Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River, Hull Creek and Bridgeman Creek.  The house features a corner sunroom that is oriented directly to the south for maximum sunlight.  Porches surround the home allowing outside seating and eating areas, two of which are screened in.  All the porches are covered.  There is also an large, open deck to the southwest of the home for sunbathing, plants, etc.  There is a covered, insulated breezeway connecting the house to the oversized three-car garage that has housed at one time a large car, a pickup truck and various men’s toys: full-size tractor, riding lawnmower, large rototiller, etc.  There is a heated 14 x 20 greenhouse tucked in the south corner between the garage complex and the deck outside the sunroom.  In our next blog we will describe some of the details of the building’s construction to ensure minimal expenses from heating and cooling, and to ensure maximum strength and protection from windstorms and the sun’s destructive rays.  If you have questions or would like to view this fabulous home, you can call Bill at (703)298-5671, or you can contact our realtor directly: Ken Smith at (804)366-2325.       

Northern Neck Dawn – “An’ the dawn comes up outer China ‘crost the bay.”


The title quote from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, Mandalay, came to mind the other day when we looked out  over the river, creek and bay and saw a magnificent sunrise replete with deep reds and orange tones.  We changed the quote a bit by saying: “the dawn came up like thunder oer the bay!”  That particular morning was one of the best sunrises we have viewed here in the past 14 years.  We have had many beautiful sunrises and reverse sunsets to enjoy over the years.  Frequently, the morning star shimmers off the creek, and several times a year the full moon shines its rays off the water into our bedroom.  We knew we would have good views of the dawn looking out toward the southeast when we decided on the siting of our home but never expected the extras.  We did design the home to be sturdy and energy efficient.  The full basement exterior was coated with hot tar to help keep out the moisture.  Foundation walls were covered with brick to improve the insulation, and the interior walls were framed out with 2 s 4’s.  The exterior walls on the main and upper floors were framed in 2 x 6’s.  We did the insulation of all the exterior walls ourselves to ensure good overage.  The Attic was insulated with blown-in insulation 12″ deep.  Hurricane strapping was applied to all the roof trusses on the house, breezeway and three-bay garage.   Almost all the windows (there are 33 of them) are casement windows.  They seal tight when the wind blows, and allow a totally unobstructed view of all those spectacular views out over the water.  The main level floor joists are on 12″ centers making that floor very solid and squeak free.  There are seven ceiling fans inside and two outside on the two screened-in porches.  The heating/cooling system is geothermal: a water furnace that uses the temperature of  well water (a constant 56 degrees) to heat and cool.  There are two artesian wells: one for the total house water supply and another for returning the water used in the water furnace to a different aquifer.  Both wells are over 400 feet deep and both showed a rate of 125 gallons per minute.  An added feature of the geothermal system is that there is no outdoor compressor grinding away in the warm weather when we are outside enjoying the bird sounds, and there are hundreds of different birds around from Pelicans, white Swans, and Canadian Geese to Mockingbirds and Chickadees.  There is a gas log fireplace in the family room and in the MBR.  There are fans to circulate the heat on both of those, and there is an outdoor 14KW generator to run those fans should the power go off (power loss has been infrequent here, and the Northern Neck Electric Company has been very quick to make repairs after storms.)  The generator also supplies power for most important lights, the refrigerator, the water pump, the water heater and other critical appliances.  The convection oven is not covered by the generator, but there a four-burner Jenn-Aire range top with a downdraft double grill that uses propane.  The dryer is also run on propane, as is the greenhouse and garage space heaters.  The house is 3800 square-feet, and electric bills have averaged about $225 per month.  Propane use depends on where one keeps the temperature in the greenhouse and garage, and of course on the temperature outside.  We have averaged less than $60 per month when keeping the greenhouse at about 65 degrees and garage at 50 degrees.  For more information or questions please give me a call at (703)298-5671.  You can also  call Ken Smith, our realtor at (804)366-2325.


Northern Neck Waterfront Home

20140222_150458This is a fantastic Property stick-built in 2000.  We redesigned blueprints purchased from a home book to fit our needs and the home site we selected from our almost two-acre rectangular waterfront lot.  We hired individual contractors to do most of the work.  We did do some of the interior painting and trim work.  We did all the insulation to ensure a tight house.  We did all the wallpapering to suit our taste.  The home has three bedrooms upstairs and two full baths.  The master bath has a jetted tub and double-seat shower with sliding doors.  The main floor has a piano/library/living room, a formal dining room, a large kitchen, an extensive family room, a sunroom, a utility room, and a full bath.  The piano room was designed to double as a bedroom should one not wish to go up and down the steps.  The basement is completely finished with two more bedrooms and a half bath.  The bedrooms double as offices for my wife and I.  There is a large workshop with access to the outdoors.  There is an exercise room, a playroom, and a large walk-in pantry.  There is an enclosed, insulated breezeway between the utility room and the oversized three-car heated garage.  Nestled in the southwest corner between the garage and the sunroom is a 14′ x 20′ heated greenhouse, which has withstood several high-wind storms.  Other structures include a 40′ x 90′ fenced vegetable garden with very, sandy loam.  There is also a fenced in set of five 4′ x 16′ raised beds, two of which are planted with asparagus, one with three blueberry bushes, and one with a prolific fig tree.  We plant a variety of other berries and plants in the other spaces.  The pier features a marina-style box providing electrical hookups for a/c and heat, a regular household current outdoor receptacle, and fresh water faucet.  The boat lift is rated for a ten thousand pound boat.  We have had boats of 6,000, 2,500, and 2,100 on it.  There is a two-kayak storage rack and steps on the right side of the pier and a storage box for life preservers, etc.  There is a davit that we use to pull up our oyster baskets.  The oysters grow very large in this site.  The 230-foot paved driveway is lined with Yoshina cherry trees (like the ones in DC).  There is a modest sized tea rose garden and many rose bushes and other decorative perennial bushes around the property.  There are two pecan trees that should be producing in the near future and one almond tree.  Our next post will contain some detailed information on the unique construction methods we used and on the very economical heating/cooling systems.  If you would like to ask questions or schedule a visit, please call Bill at (703)298-5671 or call our real estate agent, Ken Smith at (804)366-2325

Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

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