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Heathsville strawberry festival pleases patrons

St. Stephen’s Church, Heathsville VA

In Heathsville St. Stephen’s annual strawberry festival is one of the largest and most anticipated spring festivals in our area. This year’s event was no disappointment as beautiful clear weather set the stage for a fun filled day of food, shopping and fun. Attendees from far and wide amassed to explore the wares of local vendors and the season’s finest fruit in all of its forms.

With nearly 100 vendors, this years market featured a wide variety of offerings, some of which included fine handmade jewelry, homemade soaps and bath products, handcrafted wooden items, plants, baked goods, and much more.

Non-profit and other community organizations such as the Native Plant Society, the Northumberland Association of Progressive Stewardship and the Smith Point Sea Rescue mixed in with the numerous artisans to offer up their knowledge and educate others about their causes.

Food vendors offered tasty options ranging from hot dogs and hamburgers to crab balls and even Greek entrees. By far the most popular food of the day was the signature strawberry shortcake, which garnered a line that remained lengthy for a majority of the day.

While patrons enjoyed their meals several local musicians and bands took their tunes to the stage. With a variety of music ranging from classic southern rock to traditional gospel, their was a little something for everyone.

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Northern Neck Real Estate and the Farmer’s Market

I just wanted to get this off before the weekend and give you time to search the Northern Neck MLS.

As most of you know the Northern Neck Farmer’s Market rotates between the different counties of the Northern Neck during the warmer months. This week the market is in Heathsville. Its location is at Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett Tavern. That is right behind the courthouse in Heathsville. You can’t miss it from the road, route 360.

As I mentioned in an earlier email one of the local radio stations will be doing a live broadcast this Saturday promoting the Farmer’s Market, the new Tavern Restaurant, and your Northern Neck Realtor, me. When you stop by the Tavern Restaurant make sure you drop your name in the basket for a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant.

I hope you come out. If you do I’ll be walking around some but I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Tavern Restaurant. I’ll have my computer with me so I’ll be able to answer your questions for those properties of interest from the Northern Neck MLS.

Mark you calendar

Mark your calendar

On the third Saturday of every month is the Farmer’s Market in Heathsville held at the historical Rice’s Hotel and Hughlett’s Tavern.

This month the market will be held on June 21st and from 10-12 I am sponsoring a live broadcast on radio station 101.7.

Last month I sent out one of these emails telling you about the Tavern Restaurant that was recently opened by an old friend of mine, Lee Arnest. Well Lee has been kind enough to let me hang out there on the day of the market. I’ll have my computer with me so if you search for Northern Neck Real Estate before you come I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have to those properties of interest.

Make sure you stop by. You’ll love the decor Lee has placed in the old tavern and make sure you register for the $50 Gift Certificate to the Tavern Restaurant that will be drawn that day.

While you are there you might want to try the Oysters Nomini. I’m telling you if you ever try them you will become a regular.

Hope to see you on the 21st and in the mean time have a great day and continue to search for Northern Neck Real Estate,

Happy New Year from the Northern Neck

new-years-resolutuions-2014I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

Well it won’t be long before we pop the cork and bring in a new year and
I wish you a happy and prosperous one. I think it is going to be a
great year for those looking for waterfront in the Northern Neck.
For me 2013 was a good year and I truly believe it is going to carry
over into 2014.

There is still a lot of inventory which helps to keep it a Buyer’s
Market. I believe that will continue for a while which really makes it
good for the whose clients I cater to. Most of my clients are from the
Baby Boomer Generation and every year more of the “Boomers” enter the
market. They have either survived the tough economical times we have
been through and see the value in Northern Neck Real Estate or they are
ready for a more relaxing life and ready to call the Northern Neck home.

Happy New Year.


Northern Neck Realtor is an oyster shucker?

What a beautiful Fall Saturday we are going to have here in the Northern Neck. Sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 50’s, what a good day for an oyster roast.

Every year on the second Saturday in November the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum holds it annual oyster roast. 5 or 6 years ago I volunteered to shuck oysters at the raw bar. Not everybody can shuck an oyster. It is something you have to practice and just because you have a knife that is called an oyster knife doesn’t mean you are an oyster sucker.

There were 3 or 4 other people assigned to the raw bar to shuck and I can promise you none of them came close to being a shucker. Now everybody was a volunteer so it is hard to be critical but I will tell you the sight was not pretty and there were not many oysters shucked, especially with that many shuckers.

Not only am I a realtor but I’m also the president of the Virginia Waterman’s Association. A waterman is a commercial fisherman. So when the event’s committee chair called and asked me what I thought could be done to improve the event I volunteered VWA as the oyster shuckers the following year. That year 4 watermen shucked 22 bushels of oysters during the 3 hour event.

It was a huge success and from that time on the second Saturday in November my time along with that of several watermen is reserved to shuck oysters. Today am not a realtor but an oyster shucker.

Tomorrow I’ll transfer back so if you search the Northern Neck MLS and see a property you like give me a call and tomorrow we can take a look at it.

Northern Neck Oysters and Wine

I have mentioned before that after Labor Day we have many fall events here in the Northern Neck.

There are many things that make the Northern Neck unique, 2 of them are oysters and history. 3 US Presidents were born here in the Northern Neck as well as other important people who were instrumental in the development of our country.

Stratford Hall was the home of 4 generations of the Lee Family, 2 of which signed the Declaration of Independence. It was also the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. On September the 21st and 22nd it will also be the location of the 7th Annual Oyster and Wine Festival.

Virginia also has a history of growing some of the best oysters in the country. In the last decade Virginia has lead the East Coast in producing aqua-cultured oysters. These oysters are still grown in the wild but have been bred to produce a higher quality meat (a fatter oyster).

At the Oyster and Wine Festival some of Virginia’s finest oyster growers and vineyards will have their products on display for samplings.

We have much to be proud of here in the Northern Neck including 1,100 miles of shoreline and some of the most affordable waterfront properties on the East Coast. You can always search for Northern Neck Real Estate and Waterfront Properties on my website.

Put the 21st and 22nd on your calendar. You can eat oysters and taste wine one day and the other day I can show you where the oysters came from.

Many waterfront property owners grow oysters from their docks today as the aquaculture growers have shared their information and made the oyster seed available in small quantities to the residents of the Northern Neck.

Northern Neck Honors Flag Day

WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raisingBeing a veteran and serving in the Marine Corps the flag means a lot to me.

I’m proud of being a Marine but Mama and Daddy were not to happy about my joining.

It was 1968 and Vietnam was in full swing. I was a freshman in college and I hated it so what did I do but enlist.

I usually came home on the weekends but right after enlisting I headed home. That night we all sat down as usual for supper and Mama asked what bought me home in the middle of the week.

I was some kind of proud so I stuck my chest out and said, “I came home to tell you that I joined the Marine Corps.” Mama started crying and Daddy called me a dumb SOB but he didn’t use the acronym. Talk about having your bubble busted.

I was proud of it that night and I’m proud of it now. I’m also proud that I call the Northern Neck home. If you are looking for a place you can be proud of then search the Northern Neck MLS and give me a call.

Decmember in the Northern Neck

Here we are in the final days of the year. So what is it like in the Northern Neck? It has slowed down even more but life is still good.
We like everybody are preparing for the holidays and part of that preparation is getting ready for the parades. We love parades!
Every town has one. A lot of the waterfront towns have boat parades. Some have a parade of homes but most are a precession of floats that start at one end of town and go to the other.
As in most parades the Grand Marshall leads and in the Northern Neck either the scouts or the fire trucks follow. Please Lord don’t let us have a fire when there is a parade. If the parade is in Kilmarnock there will be fire trucks from Montross and vice versa.
The local schools will have their marching bands. Each branch of the Armed Forces will be presented. All of the civic clubs will either march or have a float. The businesses will participate. Notice I said businesses and not merchants. You see here in the Northern Neck all join in whether it is the local jeweler or a Septic System Company. I mean whoever heard of giving someone a septic tank for Christmas.

Bubba and his Reindeer

In most cases there is no entry fee. Other than it being Christmas and the Holiday season there isn’t any theme. Anybody can be in it from the most scholarly to one of my many redneck friends.
What do you do with all of those deer heads?
You put them in the parade.
Break out the Ditch Witch, build a sled as the cover and hang your trophy mounts from the blade.
We rednecks are not politically protected and we kind of enjoy that. Life is too short not to have fun. Besides we are way to ingenious not to share our creativity.
If you would like to be in next year’s Christmas parade then keep searching the Northern Neck MLS and when you find that dream home give us a call. We’d love to have you.


Northern Neck Realtor Goes to Fort Pierce Farmer’s Market


Northern Neck Realtor Heads to Market

Yesterday I went south to Fort Pierce, Fl. Every Saturday a farmer’s market is held in the historic downtown section. It is absolutely beautiful.

Northern Neck Realtor @ Ft. Pierce Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market along the Indian River

As we walked in a park inside the inlet at Fort Pierce we were taken back with all the vendors and their displays.

There was everything! Fresh vegetables, smoked fish, pastries, gourmet coffees, orchids, and a band.

As you can see in the photo above there was a guy making omelets. Do you think a hot dog is good at a ball game? Well let me tell you an omelet, a sweet roll, and a good cup of coffee sitting by the water is to die for.

Northern Neck Realtor checks out the vegetables

They even had heirloom tomatoes

As beautiful as everything was there was something like a flea market we passed while walking towards the farmer’s market. Talk about tacky! I didn’t take any pictures of it but next Saturday morning I’m going back. I’d like to share with you some of the junk that is sold.

We didn’t do it yesterday but next time I also want to walk along the inlet and see all the boats. Thousands of them! I’ll post that too.

It was beautiful and I enjoyed it. It was much different then our farmers’ markets in the Northern Neck. Truthfully it was much nicer and had much more to offer. It was also crowded. You couldn’t just stroll along because of the crowd.

The Northern Neck is unique though. We have everything that other places have. They might not be as grandiose but how many places can you go and know most of the people there.


Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

Ken Smith 804-366-2325