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A Thanksgiving prayer for our Troops

Thanksgiving for our Troops

Thank you, Lord, for the courage and selfless service of our military troops. Thank you for their dedication in the face of difficulties and challenges. Thank you for their families. I pray that all of our servicemen and women will experience Your mercy each day, and that You will provide for their every need. Let them feel your presence with them, and your everlasting love. In Christ’s name, Amen.

Unbelievable Rappahannock Cottage

I’ve got 2 unbelievable things to share with you today. The first is this Rappahannock Waterfront Cottage/Home and the second is my last scuba trip.

exterior from water.jpgWhat makes this property unbelievable?

4 bedrooms with the master looking out at wide water views of the river, modern kitchen, sunroom, detached garage large enough for 3 cars or whatever water toys you have, pier with lift, new seawall, and sunsets.

What really makes this 2316 square foot home on the shores of the Rappahannock River so unbelievable is the price, $399,950.

If you want to experience the river life of boating, fishing, skiing, eating crabs and watching sunsets then this is the place for you.

You tell me where you can find this much on the Rappahannock at this price. Unbelievable.

As you know I’m in Florida right now but if you want to see this Joe or one of the agents will be glad to show it to you. Just let me know and I’ll set it up.

The second unbelievable thing I wanted to share was my last dive trip off of Jupiter, FL. These video clips were actually taken by me. Unbelievable experience.

Here’s something that is not only believable but true, life in  the Northern Neck is good. Search for your piece of Northern Neck Real Estate and give me a call when you are ready.

Warmer weather is coming to the Northern Neck

I can tell by the traffic to my website that people are tired of cold weather and thinking of warmer times as they search for Northern Neck Real Estate.

mother_sset.jpgWell I couldn’t wait for warmer weather and 2 weeks ago I jumped on my motorcycle and headed south. I got out just in time. I feel sorry for you guys that have gotten blasted but I’m glad to be where I am right now. I’ve been having a great time and posting a lot to Facebook so family and friends could see what I’ve been up to. Do you remember when the way you did that was with a postcard? Life’s good.

Beautiful sunset, isn’t it? Well it might be for sale here shortly. I was told that I would know by March 1.

It is on the Rappahannock, has 4 bedrooms, pier with lift, lots more. If you have an interest I’ll shoot you an email before it goes into the MLS. If you don’t tell me I won’t know so email me and that will give you a little bit of a jump over the others looking for Northern Neck Waterfront.

Hope it warms up soon and when it does let’s look at some Northern Neck property.

Spend it in the Northern Neck

I usually send out something about the Northern Neck  so you can search the Northern Neck MLS but this time I want to talk about gas.198.jpg

It’s nothing to find gas under $2 today. I’ve even gotten it for a buck eighty-five and I’m loving it. I drive a lot of miles a year and I’m  saving at least $30 dollars a week because of it.

Did I say “saving”? Boy did I get that wrong. I’m spending that 30 bucks. And I’ll tell you what I am hoping. I’m hoping that food, electricity, trucking, and even that plastic wrapping because it is petroleum based all come down in price. That will mean that I’ve got even more to spend.

I don’t know about you but I like it when people have money to spend.

So let me ask you again, what are you going to do with that $30. Come on down here and spend it in the Northern Neck but before you come search the Northern Neck MLS. If you see something you like let me know and we’ll burn my gas.

Fall is a Buyer’s Time in the Northern Neck

I don’t know why but this time of year is always busy. You would think the busy time would be in the spring when people would buy and have all20140324_101609.jpg of the summer to enjoy their new waterfront purchase.

To tell you truth the fall is my favorite time in the Northern Neck. There is little humidity, fall fishing is ready to start, fall crabs are definitely the best crabs of the year, outdoor festivals are weekly, and the list goes on but I don’t think any of those are the primary reason for people buying.

I think it is the price. I believe my buyers have been following certain properties and they think the seller is really willing to negotiate with the season coming to an end. It might be some truth to that but in a Buyer’s Market like we are in the seller is always willing to negotiate.

They are some fantastic deals out there like the property to the right. 1700 square feet with 3 bedrooms on the water and in a subdivision with swimming pool and tennis court. It’s priced below the assessed value at 299k and I don’t know but I would think the seller would be somewhat negotiable. But something that really attracts me is that the property comes with 4 lots.

The house occupies 2 of those lots but the other 2 could be sold as 1 nice waterfront lot which could significantly reduce your investment.

This isn’t the only deal out there today. Believe me there are plenty and the way to find yours is to search the Northern Neck MLS.

When you see something you like let me know and then I can supply you with more information like days on the market, comps of properties that have sold, and similar properties that in your price range.

Spectactular Waterfront Home Bargain

Buy this 5-bedroom custom home with geothermal heating/cooling and all the extras for only $569,995 if you purchase it through our realtor, Ken Smith.  Call me at (703)298-5671 or call Ken at (804)366-2325 to get this bargain price.  The MLS price is $584,995.  The appraised value is $730,000.  Act quickly because this house will go off the market on August 22,2014.  You can review all the many features and quality construction details on past entries on this blog.  The only addition to the entries over past postings is the brand new Samsung  laundry set, both with large capacity.  Don’t miss this steal of a price on such a quality home010 DSCN0023 DSCN0006 DSCN0004 DSCN0531 271 20140222_150458 DCIM162GOPRO 20140222_145435!

Northern Neck Waterfront – unlimited possibilities

I can’t believe how fast the summer is going by. I guess time flies when you are having fun. At least that has been true with me this year. I’ve met some great people who have been looking for real estate here in the Northern Neck.

I really find it rewarding helping my clients find that special property. Actually I think I’m pretty good at it and being a native of the area I’m able to answer their questions and lead them in the direction that best suits their interest.

The property to the right is an unusual piece. Priced in the lower 300’s it is not for everyone but it is certainly for the family that enjoys all types of boating and looking for a cottage that will sleep a ton of family and feeds. It has 2 piers, one with exceptionally deep water (great for sailboats) and the other with 4′ and a boat lift. There is a enough dockage to float a flotilla.

It has a large glassed in sunroom that could serve dozens of purposes as it overlooks wide water views.

There are a couple of storage buildings on the property that can house all your water toys but one of them is right on the water adjacent to the protected shoreline. This is a feature that is grandfathered in and could never be built today because of the Bay Act. If it were mine I’d replace the walls with patio doors, capture the view of the water, and make it “Entertainment Center”.

Like I said earlier it is not for everyone but you can always find your haven by Searching the Northern Neck MLS.

Don’t want to search then send me an email with your price range and a little detail about want you would like to have. I’ll pick a few properties that I think will interest you.

Northern Neck Real Estate and the Farmer’s Market

I just wanted to get this off before the weekend and give you time to search the Northern Neck MLS.

As most of you know the Northern Neck Farmer’s Market rotates between the different counties of the Northern Neck during the warmer months. This week the market is in Heathsville. Its location is at Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett Tavern. That is right behind the courthouse in Heathsville. You can’t miss it from the road, route 360.

As I mentioned in an earlier email one of the local radio stations will be doing a live broadcast this Saturday promoting the Farmer’s Market, the new Tavern Restaurant, and your Northern Neck Realtor, me. When you stop by the Tavern Restaurant make sure you drop your name in the basket for a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant.

I hope you come out. If you do I’ll be walking around some but I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Tavern Restaurant. I’ll have my computer with me so I’ll be able to answer your questions for those properties of interest from the Northern Neck MLS.

Relish one of the Northern Neck’s well kept secrets

There are 1100 miles of shoreline in the Northern Neck but you wouldn’t have any idea unless you get of the main roads. That’s one reason I give the property address for all the Northern Neck Real Estate listings. When you click on a listing you will see a map that shows the water as well.

Another thing I try to do for those of you planning a trip to the Northern Neck is supply little things that might be of interest. Just as the Northern Neck is a well kept secret so is the Relish Restaurant in Warsaw. They are open Thursday – Saturday nights and they stay busy. Reservations are probably needed. BUT Sundays they open at 4 and you can usually get a table without any problems. For those of you heading back home on Sundays you might want to try it. They specialize in using local products so with all the local vegetables and seafood coming in you know that the food is always fresh. Checkout Relish’s Facebook page. The pictures will make you hungry.

But before you try Relish make sure you search the Northern Neck MLS and give me a call when you find that special property.

Mark you calendar

Mark your calendar

On the third Saturday of every month is the Farmer’s Market in Heathsville held at the historical Rice’s Hotel and Hughlett’s Tavern.

This month the market will be held on June 21st and from 10-12 I am sponsoring a live broadcast on radio station 101.7.

Last month I sent out one of these emails telling you about the Tavern Restaurant that was recently opened by an old friend of mine, Lee Arnest. Well Lee has been kind enough to let me hang out there on the day of the market. I’ll have my computer with me so if you search for Northern Neck Real Estate before you come I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have to those properties of interest.

Make sure you stop by. You’ll love the decor Lee has placed in the old tavern and make sure you register for the $50 Gift Certificate to the Tavern Restaurant that will be drawn that day.

While you are there you might want to try the Oysters Nomini. I’m telling you if you ever try them you will become a regular.

Hope to see you on the 21st and in the mean time have a great day and continue to search for Northern Neck Real Estate,

Disclaimer Ken Smith is a Licensed Realtor Commonwealth of Virginia

Ken Smith 804-366-2325